About Us

Oh hi! We're so glad you found us. We know there are a zillion art shops out there; but we hope that when you want to bring something whimsical, fun, and unapologetically authentic into your life, you think of Peppercorn Art and this is where you end up.

Tiny home for global artists

We're a humble little workshop nestled in the heart of San Francisco, but we have big dreams! We're on a mission to discover emerging artists that are not under mainstream spotlight, particularly grassroots artists from non English-speaking communities. 

Think of us as a tiny home for global artists, where we invite you to crash our cozy Sunday dinner party. You'll get to know and make friends with these amazing creative trailblazers, sharing stories and laughter. When the night ends, you can take a piece of their art and cherished memories home with you. Together, we're making the global art scene more diverse, lively, and connected. So come on in and grab a seat!

Spice up your wall with some peppercorns

At Peppercorn Art, our curation is all about adding a dash of fun and liveliness to your collection! Just like a peppercorn zings up a dish with its exciting flavor, we handpick artwork that's brimming with personality and adds an unexpected twist and a touch of excitement to your space. Each piece we select is like that creative "peppercorn" that makes you go "wow”. Your wall should be a true reflection of your own personal taste, and a place that captivates your friends when they visit and sparks conversation. 

Intimate collection that’s “just enough”

We believe shopping for art should be a breeze, not an overwhelming trip to a giant store. Imagine Peppercorn Art as your friendly neighborhood farmer's market – a place with a curated, intimate collection that's "just enough”. No more clicking through endless product pages (yawn!).

At Peppercorn Art, we grow our curation slowly and intentionally, always prioritizing quality over quantity. So, come back and visit us often; there'll always be something new and exciting waiting for you.